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Got Junk Mail?

Got Junk Mail?

Got Junk Mail?

I was just on the phone for almost 30 minutes. I called a credit card company – I have one of their credit cards, that keeps sending me notices on how I can save by transferring my other credit card balances to their company.

First I spoke with one person who took me off the phone calling list and faxing list (even though I don’t have a fax number). I gave her my credit card number, the correct spelling of my name, the expiration date and my phone number.

She then asked if I wanted to be removed from the mailing list and emailing list? Yes that is why I was calling! So your company can stop wasting trees, paper, postage, delivery to and from, the gasoline and oil used, etc. I was then transferred to another department.

I spoke to the second person which of course requested all my information which I just gave to the first woman. So I told it all over again. Finally after almost 30 minutes and two people later she said my name would be removed from their marketing lists – hurray! I hope it actually works.

It is unfortunate that it takes this amount of time to remove yourself from unwanted marketing lists. I have used some online opt-out sources however I continue to receive junk mail. I have written a note to the mail carrier asking for them to please not deliver junk mail like the grocery store flyers.  The mail carrier told me that they must deliver them as it is a requirement of their job.

I’m trying to have less trees chopped down, less junk mail that I have to sort through and put in the recycle can, less use of gasoline and oil for delivery of all of the above, it is almost impossible.  Do you get junk mail? Have you tried to stop it? Did it work?  Please share if you have found a way to stop the unwanted mail. Thank you!

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“From the Gutter”

Here is a great article and illustration of how the smallest litter can end up in the ocean.  Everyone should read and see this to understand that we all need to do our part!  Please read….

View “From the gutter: How your litter ends up in the ocean” article at


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Mandatory Water Restrictions

I recently wrote a post on ways to save water. Today I read a news article that the Governor of California has issued  “mandatory water restrictions”.

In the town I live in, this is not news.  We have been on water restrictions for years.  No watering the yard unless you use non-potable water. Many people have tanks in their yards filled with non-potable water and they hire someone to fill it.  I save my run off water from the sinks and use it to water my yard and flush the toilets.

Some people have removed plants and trees in their yard and put in cactus, succulents and drought resistant plants. Some are putting in more rocks and decorative items.

We are not allowed to wash our vehicles except at the car wash which uses reclaimed water, shower every other day, wash clothes once a week and only full loads.  Some people are using paper plates and restaurants no longer bring you water.  If you ask for water to drink you are served either bottled water or water in a plastic cup so that the restaurant will not have to wash the glass.

Yes we have already implemented water restrictions and made sacrifices.  When you travel elsewhere in the state or out of state and see people watering their yard or washing their car, you wonder if they know there is a water crisis?



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Are you saving water?


In California we are experiencing the worst drought we have seen in many years.  We all need to pitch in and do our part. Here are some ways you can:

1) Use a commercial car wash instead of washing your car at home.  Commercial car washes use on-site water recycling and filtration saving the 17 gallons per minute* that an average person uses when washing their car at home. (*The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano, CA)

2) Eat veggies instead of meat at least one day a week.  “It takes nearly 650 gallons of water to raise, process, and transport meat for just one burger,” according to The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano.  Buying veggies at your farmers market reduces the number per gallons by half.

3) Use a bucket to save water while you are in the shower or in the kitchen sink.  Use the water to flush a toilet or water your garden.  That’s water saved instead of going down the drain.

4) Remove your lawn.  Plant cactus, succulents, native and drought resistant plants.  They require less watering and you can use rocks and decorative items to make your garden look beautiful.

5) Retrofit your shower, toilet and faucets with low flow fixtures.  You can even add a brick to the toilet water tank to use less water.

The above mentioned ways will save water, cost very little and make you feel good by knowing that you are making a difference.

*Photo by Water Rhapsody

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Human waste on Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Mount Everest


Once again humans have left a trail of waste and it is on one of the highest mountains in the world.  People that climb Mount Everest are not just leaving trash they are leaving behind urine and feces.  As reported by The Guardian “Climbers spend weeks acclimatising the mountain around four camps”.  There are no toilets so climbers dig a hole and leave the waste there.

Why is this being allowed to happen?  Have we not learned from the errors of our ways and with what is happening on the planet – climate change, landfills over flowing, not enough clean water and air, and plastic in the oceans?

Waste – substance or objects which are disposed of or not disposed of properly.

Trash – anything worthless, useless, discarded.

“Not disposed of properly” is key. Some people have blinders on and are not thinking about the long term consequences of waste being left behind. The consequences of humans not cleaning up their waste will destroy the natural beauty and future generations will not be able to enjoy it. Policies and procedures need to be put into place in order to save that which is precious to the planet.

Look out at the mountains, they look so pristine – wouldn’t it be nice to have them stay that way?


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Should you audit your carbon footprint?

There are many reasons why a business should recycle and want to reduce their carbon footprints. Some of the Fortune 500 companies are calculating and reporting their carbon footprint and their plans to reduce their impact on the environment.

Why are they doing this?  In this day and age more people and businesses want to align themselves with businesses that are sustainable and they want to improve their reputation by doing the right thing.  Companies that identify risks and turn them into opportunities will move ahead of their competitors, will be in state compliance, will satisfy their stakeholders and investors, and will reduce their overall costs.

Businesses that implement a sustainable practice also motivate their employees to participate with innovative ideas.  The workplace becomes healthier and there is pride in ownership and collaboration.

Companies can benefit from auditing their energy, water, waste and pollutants.  Taking a good look at where you use the most can improve your reduction which will improve your bottomline, productivity and efficiency.  These are some of the reasons businesses should care about recycling and reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information go to:

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Orcas Are Not For Captivity

Healthy, free Orcas living in the ocean

Healthy, free Orcas living in the ocean

Orcas are beautiful mammals that swim, live, eat and breathe in the ocean.  People capture these big, wonderful mammals to live in small tanks in aquariums to make money by training the orcas to entertain at places like Sea World – Florida and San Diego.

I have been reading articles regarding the captivity of Orcas and the  deaths that occur from being in a tank that is too small, fighting with other orcas that may or may not be related to them and being stressed and depressed.  Greed once again causing tragic outcomes.

Below is a link to an article regarding the endangerment the orcas are under.


Captivity of animals and mammals are not necessary.  In this day and age the public can view footage on the computer to learn more about any favorite animal or mammal.  There are documentaries to watch, books and articles to read.  Holding animals captive is sadistic, cruel and comes with consequences such as 2 Sea World trainers dying while they were in the tanks with the Orcas.

Think how you would feel locked up in a facility that was tiny and you were forced to perform in a way that is not natural. Stop the insanity and let the Orcas live free in the oceans where they belong.

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