Posted by: harrisandyou | June 2, 2015

Would you attend an Eco Fair?

This past Saturday I participated in an Eco Fair. The turn out was great! The people that attended were interested in products and services and listened with both ears! Those are the people that can help change the environment with open hearts and open minds.

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Ready to help you reduce your discards

Ready to help you reduce your discards

The vendors had some amazing products and stories to tell. One woman had items handmade by women in Nepal. The woman that was selling the products was travelling back and forth to Nepal, helping the women learn how to earn a living without being abused and how to be independent. The products were beautiful and the money went back into the organization and to the women.

A man came in with his two Golden Retrievers. They were beautiful and so friendly. I found out they were Comfort Dogs. This man traveled around with his dogs to various states that were afflicted with disaster. He was in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombings. He and the dogs (Jake and Emerson) have traveled to Newtown Connecticut, giving love and hope to those affected by the horrific shooting.

There were products that were environmentally safe to clean your house with. There were products that were environmentally safe and good for the earth. I was there meeting and greeting people that were interested in learning about how to reduce their discards so that less ends up in the landfills.

Such a great day – an event that was fun for the whole family and it lifted people’s spirits while doing good for the environment. I hope that you can attend ecological events like this in your area. It will bring more awareness to how easy it can be to do the right thing for people and planet.


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