Posted by: harrisandyou | May 5, 2015

Where to put trash/recycling cans?

Signage needed

Signage needed

I was at a car show on Saturday. It is a large car show in the middle of a small town. It goes on for blocks. I like looking at the vintage cars and I go because my son is a “car” guy.

As we walked along the streets I noticed a pair of the large plastic trash cans on almost every street; one for trash and one for recyclables. I was happy that the event organizers had tried to gather discards in a way that was convenient for the participants. I say tried because as mentioned the plastic cans were not on every street, they were not highly visible and the signage was hard to see.

Having better signage on the plastic trash/recycling cans especially the recycling can would help make it easier for people to understand what discards go should go into it.  The signage needed to be larger, it needed to be on the lid of the can and on every side of the can, instead there was one picture of recycling and the word RECYCLE on one side, which you had to look for.

To make sure people know that there are recycling cans available put them in the streets where the people are. The cans were on the sidewalks near the curbs.

Though there is room for improvement, it was an attempt at doing the right thing and for that I applaud the organizers.


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