Posted by: harrisandyou | April 16, 2015

Got Junk Mail?

Got Junk Mail?

Got Junk Mail?

I was just on the phone for almost 30 minutes. I called a credit card company – I have one of their credit cards, that keeps sending me notices on how I can save by transferring my other credit card balances to their company.

First I spoke with one person who took me off the phone calling list and faxing list (even though I don’t have a fax number). I gave her my credit card number, the correct spelling of my name, the expiration date and my phone number.

She then asked if I wanted to be removed from the mailing list and emailing list? Yes that is why I was calling! So your company can stop wasting trees, paper, postage, delivery to and from, the gasoline and oil used, etc. I was then transferred to another department.

I spoke to the second person which of course requested all my information which I just gave to the first woman. So I told it all over again. Finally after almost 30 minutes and two people later she said my name would be removed from their marketing lists – hurray! I hope it actually works.

It is unfortunate that it takes this amount of time to remove yourself from unwanted marketing lists. I have used some online opt-out sources however I continue to receive junk mail. I have written a note to the mail carrier asking for them to please not deliver junk mail like the grocery store flyers.  The mail carrier told me that they must deliver them as it is a requirement of their job.

I’m trying to have less trees chopped down, less junk mail that I have to sort through and put in the recycle can, less use of gasoline and oil for delivery of all of the above, it is almost impossible.  Do you get junk mail? Have you tried to stop it? Did it work?  Please share if you have found a way to stop the unwanted mail. Thank you!


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