Posted by: harrisandyou | April 2, 2015

Mandatory Water Restrictions

I recently wrote a post on ways to save water. Today I read a news article that the Governor of California has issued  “mandatory water restrictions”.

In the town I live in, this is not news.  We have been on water restrictions for years.  No watering the yard unless you use non-potable water. Many people have tanks in their yards filled with non-potable water and they hire someone to fill it.  I save my run off water from the sinks and use it to water my yard and flush the toilets.

Some people have removed plants and trees in their yard and put in cactus, succulents and drought resistant plants. Some are putting in more rocks and decorative items.

We are not allowed to wash our vehicles except at the car wash which uses reclaimed water, shower every other day, wash clothes once a week and only full loads.  Some people are using paper plates and restaurants no longer bring you water.  If you ask for water to drink you are served either bottled water or water in a plastic cup so that the restaurant will not have to wash the glass.

Yes we have already implemented water restrictions and made sacrifices.  When you travel elsewhere in the state or out of state and see people watering their yard or washing their car, you wonder if they know there is a water crisis?




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