Posted by: harrisandyou | January 28, 2015

Orcas Are Not For Captivity

Healthy, free Orcas living in the ocean

Healthy, free Orcas living in the ocean

Orcas are beautiful mammals that swim, live, eat and breathe in the ocean.  People capture these big, wonderful mammals to live in small tanks in aquariums to make money by training the orcas to entertain at places like Sea World – Florida and San Diego.

I have been reading articles regarding the captivity of Orcas and the  deaths that occur from being in a tank that is too small, fighting with other orcas that may or may not be related to them and being stressed and depressed.  Greed once again causing tragic outcomes.

Below is a link to an article regarding the endangerment the orcas are under.


Captivity of animals and mammals are not necessary.  In this day and age the public can view footage on the computer to learn more about any favorite animal or mammal.  There are documentaries to watch, books and articles to read.  Holding animals captive is sadistic, cruel and comes with consequences such as 2 Sea World trainers dying while they were in the tanks with the Orcas.

Think how you would feel locked up in a facility that was tiny and you were forced to perform in a way that is not natural. Stop the insanity and let the Orcas live free in the oceans where they belong.


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