Posted by: harrisandyou | January 11, 2015

Capture Your Rainwater

I went to a rainwater harvesting workshop today. It was very informative on learning how to capture rainwater. Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts and stores rainwater for later use. It can reduce run off, reduce off-site flooding, reduce erosion and contamination of surface water. Rainwater harvesting has been around for over 3,000 years.  We are hearing more about it now because of the drought.

You can purchase a rainbarrel from your local hardware store or online.  They come in many sizes, shapes, colors, prices and complexity.  Tanks can be above or below ground, have spigots or pumps.  Most important is to have a barrel or tank that will be stable and stay as clean as possible although all tanks will need to be cleaned regularly.  A downspout diverter keeps water clean and free of debris and a screen over the gutters will help reduce the debris as well.  Especially important to have clean water when watering fruit and vegetable gardens.

There is more information online to help with your research before you purchase a rainbarrel.  This is one way to provide your yard and garden with water, especially in areas where you are restricted on how much water you can use.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting



  1. This is such a great idea. I’d love to look into this more. Something I can teach the kids and pass down to them.

    • Wendy,
      Here in California we are facing a serious drought and this is one way for residences to save water.

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