Posted by: harrisandyou | December 28, 2014

A Tourist Destination

I was reading an article about the Galapagos Islands; how many islands there are (13) and the wildlife. The Galapagos Islands are off the Ecuadoran coast. It was here that Charles Darwin discovered evolution.

The animal life and vegetation are like nowhere else and as such these species only survive here.  For many years very few, mostly scientists ventured there.   Darwin visited these islands in the 1500’s and very few followed until travel became easier, faster and more economical.

Now the public is allowed to visit the islands lead by guides; walking on the land and taking photos of the wildlife that inhabits the islands.  I was a bit upset by this news because I am worried that the visitors will ruin the vegetation and thus the numerous rare species that exist there.

The vegetation and rare species are not replaceable and not found elsewhere.  Thus we should respect the life that is there and why it is there instead of turning it into a tourist destination.  The pollution that will be in the surrounding oceans caused by ships and human waste could change the vegetation and therefore the animal life.  This is why I am against it.

Do you think that tourists should be allowed to visit such rare and special areas as the Galapagos Islands?  I look forward to reading your comments.


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