Posted by: harrisandyou | December 17, 2014

Plastic waves

There are many pieces of plastic in our oceans. We are not just talking about a little bit here and there. PLOS ONE journal states it is 5.25 trillion particles of plastic – 5.25 TRILLION!  That is unbelievable.

Part of this unbelievably high number is from plastic bags.  Yes plastic bags that blow in the wind and out to the ocean.  They eventually break down into pieces and can end up in the fish and mammals clogging and killing their organs.  They can end up in you if you eat fish.

Continue to bring your own shopping bags with you to every store you shop at.  Do not fall for the people that want you to sign a petition to ban plastic bags as there are people out there trying to trick you into signing a petition that actually helps keep plastic bags in circulation.

Lead by example, buy in bulk when you can and elect officials that will support the ban on plastic bags.  Care for the earth, the ocean, the waterways, the fields and streams.  Let’s do our part for a healthier planet.


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