Posted by: harrisandyou | November 21, 2014

Do you rake up your leaves?

Leaves provide nutrients

Leaves provide nutrients

One of my clients is a landscaper and environmentalist.  He teaches his clients about drought resistant plants and gray water.  Using native plants to the area and drought resistant plants helps to save water as the plants will not require as much water.  He was also telling me that we do not need to rake up leaves.  Nature has a cradle to cradle system that will use the leaves as nutrients.  It is what we call a “closed loop” system.  No waste is produced by it and the soil and natural habitat will thrive.

Most people want a clean yard free of any fallen leaves but if we learn to embrace the natural order of nature it will work for us. It will produce healthier soil, leaving you with healthier plants and trees.

Most of us squirm at the mention of bats but using bats and owls can control insects and rodents. University of California in San Luis Obispo said “Bats are considered beneficial because they consume large quantities of flying insects.”  This can eliminate the need of using harmful pesticides.

If people could observe nature and learn from it maybe we could do less damage to the planet. Working with nature instead of against it creates beautiful landscapes.


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