Posted by: harrisandyou | November 16, 2014

Keep America Beautiful

Recyclables, Compostables, Landfill

Recyclables, Compostables, Landfill

Yesterday November 15th was America Recycles Day. This celebrate of recycling awareness was actually started by the Keep America Beautiful organization.  Keep America Beautiful started rolling out campaigns to remind Americans to put litter in waste receptacles and it has added recycling into their campaigns.

As a young child I remember the campaign slogan “Don’t be a litter bug” and the other campaign, infamous video of Iron Eyes Cody, the Indian that you see with a tear coming out of his eye as he views all the litter that humans have left in the fields and roadsides.  This was a dramatic message sent out to remind people not to throw their waste into the environment. Did it work?

I still notice trash on the highways, the meridians, even along some waterways.  It takes more, more dramatic messages to reach the public and remind them where trash belongs.  Surveys show that humans are wanting convenience.  More trash and recycling receptacles make it easier for people to remember and make it a habit.

As I wrote that last sentence I think how sad it is that humans need to be reminded to throw trash where it belongs.  Why can’t they remind themselves?  Why do they think it is okay to throw trash on the ground? I feel fortunate that I was raised to know better and have taught my son to know better.

Trash and recyclables have proper receptacles in most homes and in some public places.  If you cannot find a receptacle can you hold onto it until you can find one?  Educate people by showing them how to do the right thing. We have Earth Day and America Recycles Day to bring awareness to the public in hope that more people will change their behavior and change the planet into a healthier one.



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