Posted by: harrisandyou | October 24, 2014


Blame Starbucks or the consumer?

Blame Starbucks or the consumer?

I was just reading a blog post on Earth911. It mentioned the BILLION of paper cups that do not get recycled at Starbucks.

There are many variables that contribute to the cups not being recycled. For one thing many of the cups are for take out, so it would be up to the consumers to recycle them.  Another reason the cups might not get recycled if that the cup still has liquid in it.  If the cup that has some liquid in it and it is recycled then the liquid will contaminate the other cups that have no liquid.  Add in another factor that some consumers are not educated and do not want to be bothered so they throw cups into the trash can.

Starbucks is not educating their customers.  They rolled out recycle cans and did not educate the public about what should go into the recycling container.  Their staff does not ask you if you want a to go cup or if you are staying in.  The staff needs to be educated before they can educate their customers.

So is it Starbucks responsibility or the consumer as to why paper cups are not being recycled?  Looking at it from all angles it is both.  Education, training, convenience – all play a role in making the correct choice to recycle.


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