Posted by: harrisandyou | October 6, 2014

At the beach

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Yesterday my son and I took a walk on the beach. As we walk we look at seashells and rocks that roll in with the waves.  Some are shiny and soft as they have been worn down from the water and sand.  My son will pick one up and hand it to me to look at.

We usually take some home however I started thinking that it is not a good idea to take away the natural beauty the ocean is giving us.  It should be viewed as a natural resource we can enjoy when we are at the beach but should be left at the beach for the next person to enjoy.

Natural resources are not unlimited, there may not always be more.  If each person picked up a hand full of seashells would there be enough for the next generation to enjoy?

These are questions that we should be asking ourselves.  Not to be selfish but to be selfless and be grateful for the bounty of beautiful objects the planet gives us to look at and appreciate.

I did find some sea glass and think that this is okay to pick up and take home.  Glass like plastic should not be in the ocean.  The ocean has made the glass into a more treasured item.  It has worn the sharp edges into something less dangerous to our human hands and feet.  The ocean – salt water, sand, rolling action –  actually created a beautiful object that some people make into works of art.  It is better to pick up the glass and rid the ocean of the harmful substance that us humans have left behind.

The beach should be a place of beauty for all to share not a dumping ground for waste – plastic, paper, cans and glass.  So enjoy the beach just make sure to take home your trash and recyclables.


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