Posted by: harrisandyou | September 16, 2014

Clean waterways with Oysters

National Geographic

Cleaning waterways with oysters

An article in Oprah Magazine featured a landscape architect, Kate Orff who used oysters to clean New York City’s waterways. Oysters have a built in filtration system, they pump large volumes of water through their bodies, extracting nutrients and nitrogen pollution.

Kate Orff saw a problem and found a solution.  “By constructing underwater reefs made in part with layers of rope, Orff, plans to create structures where millions of oysters and blue mussels can settle in and conduct their business. (An adult oyster can process up to 50 gallons of water a day.)”

We need more people like Kate who will help clean up the mess that we humans have made of the earth; the air, the land and the waterways.  I like finding stories or articles about people that are making a difference, making our lives better.  Let’s celebrate the positive projects and people.  Below is the link to see Kate Orff’s Ted talk. Enjoy!

Click here to see her TED talk…




  1. Love this idea! We definitely need more of these positive thinkers!

    • I agree with you. More creative minds to use what is already here!
      Thank you for following my blog!
      I am enjoying your blog as I love reading!

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