Posted by: harrisandyou | September 5, 2014

Ban Styrofoam

No Styrofoam!

No Styrofoam!

“San Luis Obispo takes first step to ban Styrofoam”, what great news by A. Cornejo of The Tribune!  San Luis Obispo, California is taking major steps to ban the use of expanded polystyrene food and drink containers.  The city council will allow only materials that can be reused, recycled or composted.

Styrofoam does not break down in the soil.  Styrofoam will stay in the landfills forever, creating more greenhouse gas, and taking up more land.  Restaurants and grocery stores use Styrofoam to save money, it is inexpensive to purchase containers made of Styrofoam.  While most users of Styrofoam are uneducated about the detriment it does to the environment, they also do not care about anything except the bottomline.

They will be losing some savvy people who will not eat or shop where Styrofoam is used.  Stores that use it will be damaging their own reputation.  Some cities in Northern California have already adopted “no EPS use”.   All cities should be pushing to have an ordinance like this one.  This would keep the cities cleaner by cutting down on waste and greenhouse gases.

I know some people that keep a reusable food container in their car for when they go to a restaurant and have left overs, they then have their own container to take it home.  If we all did this it would help eliminate restaurants from using expanded polystyrene food and drink containers.

Are you willing to bring a to-go container with you to help the environment?



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