Posted by: harrisandyou | August 27, 2014

Green Jobs

When I was attending classes for my accreditation in Recycling and Resource Management back in 2012, most of my professors were inclined to promote the idea that there will be more openings to “green” jobs.  The need for people with certification in Resource Management, Recycling, Zero Waste, Sustainability, LEED, etc. will be growing especially in California where people and companies are becoming more aware of the need to help clean up the air, land and water.

After receiving my accreditation I looked for a “green” job where I could utilize my education and experience, I did not find one.  I am still not seeing many job openings in the environmental sector.  Certain areas of the country are plowing forward and hiring “green” collar workers, it all depends on your education, where you live or if you are willing to relocate.

I decided to go out on my own and I am reaching out to companies to assist them in reducing their waste and improve their bottomline and their reputation.  Not many companies respond.  Some companies do not see the need to spend money on hiring a “green” consultant or see a need to reduce their waste.  Many wear blinders and think that there is no “climate change” or no need to protect natural resources.  These people just need to be educated.

Natural resources are becoming less available to the world such as water, bees for pollinating flowers and producing honey, etc.  Every day there are more stories in the news about endangered species, the lack of water in lakes, rivers, streams and the glaciers that are melting.  Each one of us is responsible, each one of us can make a difference if we work together.





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