Posted by: harrisandyou | August 18, 2014

Population Rate

When you think about the environment and what we need to keep the air and water clean do you think about the population?

People cause waste.  The population is growing at a tremendous rate which causes more waste and harm to the planet.  I do not think that there should be a dictatorship that controls the population however at the same time we need to be thinking about how the environment is going to support this growth.

“In a zero waste system everything has a place before, during and after use.”  Professor Ric Anthony

Controlling how we dispose of each item is the way that resources will be able to continue.  To reduce use of items that are not needed, to reduce consumerism, to reduce packaging that cannot be recycled or composted.

Manufacturers need to look downstream and upstream in their production, in the end product.  A product’s life should be cradle-to-cradle, a closed loop system so nothing is wasted and natural resources are not destroyed.

When a product stops working the manufacturer should take the product back for repair or to recycle parts.  There is a need to have repair shops for electric appliances like there was many years ago.  This stopped because we became a “throw away” society.  When an item stops working we simply purchase another one and the old one goes in the trash. This not only produces more waste but it is a waste of money and land for the landfill.

Products designed for single use is unacceptable.  Think about how many people are on the planet and babies are being born every day.  If every item was single use the amount of trash would be enormous.  Incineration produces hazardous toxins into the air producing pollution.  Incineration is not the answer.  Reduce single use items. Reduce product packaging – packaging should be recyclable or compostable.

More people equals more waste. Until people stop accepting single use items, consumerism, and accept only items that can be repaired, recycled or composted, then manufacturers will continue to produce items without regard to the waste it produces.



  1. I agree entirely. I really believe that we need to change our attitude to our precious resources completely.

    • More people need to realize that natural resources are limited NOT unlimited.
      Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment!

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