Posted by: harrisandyou | August 5, 2014

Zero Waste Events/Conferences

Recyclables, Compostables, Landfill

Recyclables, Compostables, Landfill

Do you ever attend events where there is too much garbage?  The garbage usually consists of food, drinks and marketing materials.  It gets thrown in the trash cans, recycling cans (if there are any), and on the ground.

The next time you are planning an event, conference or seminar think of the environment.  When you make your event a Zero Waste event you are Adding Value to your event, to your reputation and helping the environment.

Planning a Zero Waste event is not difficult. It takes careful planning so that all materials are recyclable, reusable or compostable.  If you have vendors that are bringing in food, beverages, or any products, the vendors need to have guidelines of what is acceptable.

Plan to have containers that capture recyclables, organics/compostables, and landfill.  Each container should be a different color and should have clear instructions of what goes inside.

Even if you are holding a business luncheon you could make it a zero waste lunch.  Provide food in bulk and beverages that are in not in single cans or bottles.  Have a water pitcher if people want water.

It is not difficult it just takes some careful planning and consideration of the planet.  Next time you want to plan a party and listing out invitations and paper napkins don’t put those items on your list.  Instead think of what is a better, more sustainable way to organize the party.

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