Posted by: harrisandyou | July 8, 2014


I went to San Francisco over the 4th of July weekend.  My brother is letting me use his Honda 2 seater Hybrid.  It is fun to drive however there is not much power or speed to it.

When I step on the gas and shift, it takes quite some time before it gets up to speed.  Climbing hills is a chore for this little car.  I have to move aside and let faster cars pass me.

This is an older model and I am sure the car company has improved on it, it’s just this car (aka Sputter) is not the car you want to drive if you are in a hurry.  This car is for saving gasoline!  It gets 55 miles to the gallon – that is a huge plus where I live because 3 days a week I drive 70 miles round trip each day.  That is a lot of miles and the car I have I would put gasoline in it on my way home every one of those 3 days.  Now I don’t have to stop at gasoline stations as often.  In fact when I was driving it from San Francisco to Cambria, I started with 1/2 a tank and stopped once to put $20.00 in it and made it home with just under 1/2 a tank.

What a pleasure for my pocketbook and for the environment!



  1. I also drove a hybrid this weekend! It was pretty nice and displayed the MPG we were getting. It frequently hit 100! Other times, 25 (when accelerating uphill for example).

    • Zero Waste Chef:
      Thank you for reading my post about Hybrids.
      If more people drove Hybrids there would be cleaner air and maybe just maybe the price of gasoline would go down.

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