Posted by: harrisandyou | June 28, 2014

What if?

What if everyone in the world recycled and/or composted?  What if every item that is manufactured you were able to send back to the manufacturer when you were finished using the product?  For instance I have an electric kettle.  Recently it stopped working.  I could not figure out why it stopped working so I contacted the company.  Since it was still under warranty they sent a replacement – a new electric kettle.  Great although now I have the old one and I have no desire to toss it in the trash because it will be trucked to the landfill.  I would like to send it back to the manufacturer and I just might.

What if everything we bought was biodegradable? Items that we were done using could be trucked to a field where they could decompose or they could decompose in our yards.  It would be a cleaner world, there would be less methane gas, less pollution.

What if retailers gave store credit when you brought back the empty container?  Containers such as mascara, perfume, eye shadow containers, blush containers, makeup bottles, etc.  The retailer could then send back the items to the manufacturer who could give the retailer credit.  I know it creates more work but maybe it could create more jobs and a cleaner environment.

A top priority should be the air quality, the water quality, the toxicity that effects humans and animals and our ecosystem.  If everyone everywhere put a little more effort and care into doing the right thing this planet could be a beautiful place!



  1. It would be very nice if the manufacturers were responsible for taking care of the waste they create. I don’t know where you live, but I can drop off small appliances at an electronics store near me for recycling. Is there anything like that near you?

  2. I live in a small coastal community and there is not a place to drop off small appliances nor ewaste. There is an ewaste facility over 1 hour away and they are only open on certain days. I like that you have an electronics store that will accept items for recycling. Thank you for following my blog and I am enjoying reading yours! I am collecting jars.

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