Posted by: harrisandyou | June 23, 2014


This morning I took a walk in an area that use to be a cattle ranch.  It was made public about 10 years ago.  Part of the ranch is made up of cliffs that look out onto the ocean.  There are trails near to the cliffs and there are trails that go up the hillsides.

Out on the rocks in the ocean are birds such as seagulls, pelicans and another type of bird that I have not identified.  There are seals that bask in the sun on the rocks and ground squirrels that dart in and out along the trail.  I have seen egrets, cranes and a blue heron in the fields during the spring.

The “Friends of the Ranch” keep the ecosystem maintained.  The ranch is an example of how people can live among the natural beauty and wildlife that is part of the area.  It was part of the area long before man inhabited it.

We need more places like this on the planet.  Not more strip malls, not more stores and restaurants.  It is within nature that we learn to live and protect our natural resources.  This is where we should be taking our children and teaching them how precious and important it is to let the animals live in their natural surroundings.

It is up to us to provide our children and their children with an education that incorporates the wonders of nature and how to live among the wildlife without disturbing it.

Natural and beautiful ecosystem.

Natural and beautiful ecosystem.


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