Posted by: harrisandyou | June 10, 2014

Styrofoam – Really?

No Styrofoam!

No Styrofoam!

Today I went to lunch in a restaurant in town that I have been to many times before.  The last time I was there the take out containers were Styrofoam.

I asked for a take out container today and Wow I was pleasantly surprised to see they have switched to cardboard containers.  Yeah! so much better for the planet and yes I need to start carrying my own container in the car.  I mentioned how great it was to the waitress and I hope she mentions it to the manager.  It would be great if this type of change continued to all of the other restaurants that use Styrofoam take out containers.

Along with the take out containers being cardboard their bags should be paper not plastic.  Plastic bags are always found in the landscape and on the side of the road.  Plastic bags are not biodegradable, paper bags can be compostable too.

I know that the restaurants are using the non-environmentally friendly containers and bags because they cost less.  Really?  They need to think about the big picture and look at what is the right thing to do.  Be earth friendly.  Green their reputation.  Make people take notice as I did today.

Say something when you notice a business making the correct choice.  Let’s cheer for the good guys!


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