Posted by: harrisandyou | May 26, 2014

Tacky Signs

Beautifying the environment is a big job and it involves cleaning up more than the trash, recyclables and organics.  I am on a committee to help beautify our little community.  Last week I took photos of signs that were in store fronts that were not up to Code.  Many stores had sandwich board signs that were out on the sidewalk that could be a hazard to someone walking by.

Some of the signs were down right tacky which makes the town look like just another tourist trap.  There were over sized signs, neon signs, badly decorated signs, banners hung in illegal spaces and lamp post banners.  Signs that are not up to Code, tacky, and looking unsightly are an eye sore to the landscape just as much as a plastic bag or trash along the side of the road.

The town use to have really lovely shops and a more upscale, classy feel to it until about 7 years ago.  After the recession hit and there were less tourist coming in which created less income for the shop owners. Shop owners started using sandwich signs, sawhorse signs, neon signs, tacky touristy T-shirts, bumper stickers – anything to get people to come in and shop.

So now we are taking photos and writing down the Code violations for each shop.  There will be a committee meeting to discuss how to approach the shop owners in a diplomatic way that lets them know what they need to do to bring their sign up to Code and that we are not trying to hurt their business but we want to Clean up America and our community – take pride in how your city or town looks.  How are you helping to make your area look better?


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