Posted by: harrisandyou | May 21, 2014

Green products or not?

The dishwasher is not doing a very good job on my dishes. There are spots and residual left on my water glasses and sometimes my dishes do not look or feel clean.

I have been using an environmentally correct soap for the dishwasher.  I am tired of having to wash my glasses and dishes by hand after they were in the dishwasher.  Part of the problem is the water here is very hard and full of minerals.  The hard water creates a ring in my cat’s water bowl, that is how bad the water is here where I live.

As much as I am against using a detergent that is not good for the environment, I had to try another detergent to see if my dishes would be cleaner.  I tried another and yes it did a better job not only on my dishes and glasses but the inside of my dishwasher looked cleaner.

Sometimes the environmentally correct product does not do a good enough job and we have to switch.  It is a tough call one I do not like having to make but at the same time I want to feel that I am drinking out of a clean glass.  How do you decide what products to buy?  One that is good for the environment or one that works or sometimes the organic or environmentally friendly product is more expensive than the others.  If you are like me you are on a budget and cannot always buy the top of line environmentally correct item.

I hope someday this will change and the environmental product will be the same cost or cheaper than the other brand and will work just as well if not better.  Then the decision will be easy and more people will purchase the correct product for the environment.


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