Posted by: harrisandyou | May 10, 2014

Compost Update

Food scraps

Food scraps

In my previous post I wrote about a compostable cup that I put into my compost can to see if it would compost.  So far so good!  I still see a little of the paper because it has not broken down completely, it will take a lot more time.  I turn the compost once a week sometimes twice a week and let it get more air.  The compost pile is a little too wet so I have added some brown leaves and dirt that I swept up from my decks and driveway.

Since the soil is too wet I have some small flies inside the can but there have not been any other problems.  The color of the compost pile is dark, rich brown.  I think this is going to be great for my plants and trees.  The amount is not very large.  I will need to continue to compost in order to create enough for my front yard and back yard.  This is great because it will help the soil, the plants and I will be able to water less.

My brother lives in the San Francisco area and he was telling me they have a separate bin for food scraps.  The waste company in his area picks it up every week.  The food scraps go into a green bin plus they accept soiled paper, greasy cardboard boxes from pizzas, plants and cups that say “compostable”.

This is huge because food waste makes up the largest portion of waste at the landfills.  It will separate the food and organics from the waste which can then go to a compost facility.  I can only hope that my area will start this program soon!  At least I have started my own and encourage others to try it!  Help your garden and save more waste from going to the landfills! Win Win!


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