Posted by: harrisandyou | March 25, 2014

All In a Tea Cup

I was reading the side of the box of tea I purchased and was impressed with their sustainability. It read:  “To help protect our forests and reduce landfill burden, Yogi tea cartons use 100% recycled paperboard, 55% post consumer waste and are printed with environmentally-friendly vegetable based ink.”

If more manufacturers had this type of thinking and had this type of operation, the planet would be a better place;  less in the landfill, more natural resources and corporate responsibility.  Definitely makes me want to purchase more of their tea and I will recommend them to my friends and family.

That is what companies should be striving for – satisfying their customers as well as striving to protect natural resources and green their reputation.  I do not get any money by endorsing Yogi tea but what I do get is a satisfaction that I can feel good about purchasing their products and about telling other people about their products.

Sit, relax and enjoy a cup of tea that is doing something good for you and something good for the earth!

natural resources

natural resources



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