Posted by: harrisandyou | March 12, 2014

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Sunday I attended a Sea Glass Festival in a nearby town.  There were beautiful pieces of jewelry made with the sea glass; earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even home decor.

As I was walking by each vendor tent I was amazed at how much sea glass there was.  Most vendors were from my state California and there were some from the East Coast.

How does this much glass get into the ocean?  When I thought about it, it seemed rather sad that it does end up in the ocean and not in recycle bins.  However, looking at all the beauty that was created from it, this is a happy thought.  People have taken the initiative to pick up the glass off the beach and repurposed the sea glass into lovely items for others to enjoy.

Perhaps if there were more recycled cans and trash cans on beaches people would throw their glass bottles into them.  I know that on some beaches there are trash cans that are usually near the entrance and people feel it is an inconvenience to walk all the way to the trash can to throw it away.  Perhaps they could put it back in their beach bag and take it home to recylce it – here’s hoping!


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