Posted by: harrisandyou | February 24, 2014

What You Can Do

I was looking through a stack of magazines I had and found a 2006 Vanity Fair issue.  I had kept it because my brother and his company were featured in it.  On the cover in a black box it said “Special Green Issue”.  The magazine featured articles on George Clooney, Al Gore, Robert Kennedy Jr and Julia Roberts.

As I am reading it I find that most of the material is still relevant.  There has been some progress that has taken place since 2006 such as requiring car manufacturers to reduce the car emissions and in California implementing a reduction in commercial waste by 75%.  However there is still a need for people to reduce their own use of fossil fuels.

In the magazine there is a handy pull out booklet titled “What You Can Do; 50 Ways to Help Save the Planet”.  A few suggestions that are on the list:

  1.  Turn off water when brushing your teeth or washing your face
  2. Do not rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
  3. Use Compact Fluorescent (CFL) lightbulbs
  4. Purchase appliances that are energy efficient look for Energy Star certification
  5. Instead of using the dryer hang your clothes on a clothesline
  6. Use natural paints instead of paints with volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

We, society, have become more aware of what we need to do since 2006 as there has been more publicity about Global Warming. However there are still and always will be the naysayers that will not change their ways because they either do not believe there is a crisis even though it has been proven that lakes are drying up (especially in California) and glaciers that are melting at an alarming rate or they do not think this applies to them.  We are moving slowly at the reduction that needs to take place.

People still need to be educated on how greenhouse gases are affecting the planet and what they should be doing to help reduce them. We need to have more products  that produce less CO2 readily available and at a reasonable cost.  I love shopping at a natural market however some produce and products are more expensive at these markets then the commercial big box stores.  I also would love to buy produce from local farmers but they are usually on when I am working.  If the “green” products costs less more people would buy them, if Farmers Markets were held at times that were more accessible to more people perhaps more people would shop at them.

The media should continue getting the word out because the answers are out there they just need to be accessible to all.


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