Posted by: harrisandyou | February 3, 2014

West Coast Drought

The California Governor was speaking about how serious the drought is and that it may last 6 more years.  The lakes are drying up and residents must not waste water.

This is not new, this did not happen over night however now it is imperative that everyone take action.  If everyone took action years ago we may have reserved some water or created a solution.  Instead we are in panic mode and Californians are not allowed to waste water washing their vehicles, watering their yards or taking long showers.  Some of us have stopped doing this for some time now hoping that others would follow suit.

Other parts of the U.S. are freezing – waist high in snow while here on the West Coast we are becoming a desert.  There were actually some rain drops on Thursday only enough to dirty the car and touch the surface of my yard.  I heard on the news that if it rained every other day for months we would not be at the normal level for rain fall for the year!  Quite sad, quite serious – we are using up a natural resource.

Where do we go from here? Some suggest that “Fracking” would help.  Not true –  fracking consequences are dangerous.  Move on to a solution that leaves the earth, people and planet healthy.  We need a long term solution not a band-aid.  Instead of water restrictions being voluntary make it mandatory everywhere.  We need to educate the public that the time has come to become more aware and to use less of our natural resources, cut back the excessive need to wanting and wasting more.

I believe that people are good and given the right tools they will make the right choice.


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