Posted by: harrisandyou | January 15, 2014

Excuses Instead of Yes

I am assisting a woman consultant with administrative tasks once a week.  The other day while I was working she printed an article single sided.  I asked her if she could print double sided.  She said she could but it takes too long because she bills her clients for her time.Landfill Jun 2012 013

I had not heard this excuse before for not doing something that would save paper and money and the environment.  This is why America will never achieve zero waste.  There are too many people that find an excuse not to do the right thing.   Al Gore coined it perfectly with the phase “an inconvenient truth”.

I tried to tell her how easy it is on my printer to print double-sided.  She declared that her printer was too slow at printing double-sided and time was of the essence.  So I stopped talking and worked without another word about it.  Inside I was upset that she was not willing to try again or take 2 minutes more for something so easy that could save so much.

I cannot push the issue more as that would make her more defensive.  People start tuning out if you lecture.  It is best to stand back – I am using it as I can to relate to others how excuses cause us to be stuck, stuck with not moving forward to a zero waste society.  Zero waste may only happen if it is mandated by the law makers, when people are actually forced to use less or pay a fine.


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