Posted by: harrisandyou | January 9, 2014

After the holidays

How was your holiday season?  Did you conserve on consumption?

I conserved by not buying many presents.  I ignored the commercialism of our society.  I also bought a live tree.  Having a real tree to plant in a container or in my yard does not add to green waste.  I did not have any pine needles to clean up and I did not use any tinsel that I would have to throw away.  It made the holidays less stressful by not having to clean up from the tree, by not having to put it on the curb at the end of the holidays and it makes me happy to see it growing.  Another big plus will be if I keep the tree in a container I will be able to use it again as my Christmas tree.

This is reusing and reducing; if more items we purchased were of this caliber there would be less trash, less recycling, less going to the landfills.  Christmas trees are throw away items, one use and it is gone.  Not good for the environment but it is all about making money in the fastest way possible without thinking about the consequences.  That is what has created the thinking of ” use it and throw it away” – greed.

I hope you had a really great holiday and you made it even better by reducing and reusing!  Cheers!


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