Posted by: harrisandyou | December 3, 2013

Holiday Waste

Nobody Likes to See Good Food Go To Waste^ - N...

Nobody Likes to See Good Food Go To Waste^ – NARA – 533917 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Waste – I took out the trash and the recycling a number of times while my family was here for Thanksgiving.  It is amazing how much is generated during one holiday.

There were boxes and food containers, bottles – plastic and glass in the recycling.  There was food waste, tissues, plastic bags, spoiled and soiled items that could not be recycled.  And water to wash clothes, wash the towels, wash off the table, wash the dishes.

I love the time with my family and loved ones but I notice how much more waste we generate whenever there is a holiday, at least here in America.  What can we do to change this?

One way to help this earth would be to start collecting organics – food waste for composting.  We have a trash container, recycling container, and a green waste container.  Why not a food waste container?  The food waste could be taken to a compost facility next to the landfill.  The good soil that is created from the food waste could be sold.  More jobs, better soil, money generated.

It seems logical however land and equipment are required.  So the naysayers will say that the land is not available and nobody wants it to smell up their neighborhood.  There are always excuses not to take the next step.


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