Posted by: harrisandyou | November 20, 2013

Television Commercials

The holidays are upon us and television commercials are blasting us with items to purchase.  Consumerism is king this time of year.  Buy new clothes, decorate your house inside and out, buy presents for everyone you know, entertain, go on vacation….buy, spend!

People are having to work on Thanksgiving so the big box stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) can be open for shopping the night before Black Friday.  How sad that the mighty dollar comes before family and time off to enjoy a major holiday.

This time of year should be about slowing down so you can spend time with family and friends.

Time to stop and breathe and remember that the best things in life are to be loving and kind and to be loved back.

Enjoy the glory of nature instead of spending money and time rushing around –  watch the sunset.

Reduce consumerism don’t buy into having to have the latest model car or the newest iPad.  Materialism makes for more waste taking up landfills, trash bins, and recycling bins.  Create memories with your family and loved ones.  That is what you’ll remember and that will make you smile!

Consumerism Reflected (NYC 2007)

Consumerism Reflected (NYC 2007) (Photo credit: Zohar Manor-Abel)


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