Posted by: harrisandyou | October 24, 2013

Buy Organic

Food Supermarket 4

There are many reasons to buy organic food the number one reason is it is the best food you can put in your body.  It is not modified and it is healthy for you and the earth.  Organic farming does not harm the soil, the soil’s minerals remains and it prevents soil erosion.  Organic food production reduces health risks and the food tastes better.  Organic food is more nutritious because all the vitamins and the good parts of the food are still intact.

A diet filled with organic food, raw food, more fruits and vegetables will promote a healthier body.  When you buy organic food, clothes, products you are letting the producers and manufacturers know that you choose healthier items.  If more people buy organic then there will be less of the over processed and modified items that are bad for every body and for the planet.  Buying from local organic farmers promotes the small farmer and the money generated stays in your own community.  It is good for everyone!


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