Posted by: harrisandyou | September 23, 2013


We actually had some rain here on Saturday.  It was wonderful but not enough, in fact the water district just sent out a notice that starting immediately we are not allowed to water our yards unless you use potable water.

Many yards are already dry and many of us have drought resistant plants but its not enough.  The wildlife in the area are seeking food and water.  The deer like to eat the succulents in all the yards in the neighborhood.  Some of my neighbors use rocks and statues to decorate their yards in place of plants, bushes and trees.

Funny when I lived in Southern California I did not think about how much water was used on yards as I am sure the current residents do not think about it either.  There were no sanctions down there to limit water use.  Someday the water will be limited everywhere unless people take precautions now.  The earth is changing and we need to change too we need to preserve the natural resources we do have.  What do you do to preserve water?


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