Posted by: harrisandyou | September 16, 2013


I live on the Central Coast in California and we have not had much rain here in many years.  Therefore the water district is raising surcharges when you go over your allocations. Every time you turn on the tap you have to think about not using too much or do you really need to turn on the water?

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, don’t water your yard but once a week and hopefully you have drought resistant plants.  Make your showers fast and have a bucket to collect the run off,  take a shower instead of a bath – you use less water. Use low-flow toilets, do only full loads of laundry, full loads of dishes, do not wash your car. They also suggest installing a WaterSense labeled aerator.

We must make every effort possible to conserve, us being residents however there are numerous wineries here that use tons of water to grow their grapes.  County officials are trying to be kind and ask the wineries to cut back on their crops.  They are being nice because the wine business brings in tourists that spend their money  around town.  We need the tourist so we need the wineries and the wineries hire local workers.

Businesses should be held accountable just as the residents are.  We all have to do our part in conserving water or one day when we turn on the tap nothing will come out.  Not a pretty picture and not anything I want to experience.  I’m trying to do my part.  What is it like where you live?  Any water rationing going on?


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