Posted by: harrisandyou | August 19, 2013

Recycle/Trash Cans

Why aren’t there recycle cans next to every trash can?

It seems like a simple solution to encourage people to recycle.  For every trash can on the street corner or in a shopping plaza, they could add a recycle can next to it.  If recycling is made as a convenience for people, more people would do it.  Instead of throwing their plastic bottles, cans and glass in the trash can they could throw it in the recycling can.

I know the excuse is the cost.  Really?  There is already a cost, someone at the waste company has to sort the trash from the recyclables which takes time and labor which adds up to money.  Having a recycle can next to a trash can at every street corner, strip mall, shopping center, in front of grocery stores, restaurants, and fast food places could become common place.  Let people see that cities, counties, etc., really are taking this seriously.

Instead of seeing recyclables thrown into plants, gutters and trash cans people might actually throw them into a recycling can.  What a concept?  Make it easy for people and they will do it.


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