Posted by: harrisandyou | May 25, 2013

Fast Food Chains

I walked to McDonald’s this morning to buy my son his favorite breakfast for his birthday. Not healthy and I never eat there but I wanted him to be happy. I had read that McDonald’s had changed from using Styrofoam to using paper and recyclable to go containers. Not! When I received the food and took it home I noticed it came in a Styrofoam plate with a plastic dome top and in a plastic bag.  I do not see that McDonald’s is environmentally friendly.

I saw on the news a little girl that wants to know why McDonald’s bribes children into eating unhealthy food by giving them toys with their meals.  Good for her however who is taking her to McDonald’s?  If she does not want to eat there she needs to tell her parents not to take her there.  When my son was little he liked eating there so he could get the toys too.  This morning I did see parents there with their children but I also saw adults without children that were eating there.

People do not go to McDonald’s because they want to eat healthy or do something good for the environment.  It would be great to see a fast food chain that could serve healthy foods such as fresh salads, veggie plates, fruit, real juice, coffee without loads of sugar in it, purchase from local vendors and use containers that are good for the earth.



  1. fastfood chains are notorious for creating so much waste. ketchup packets to napkins, not to mention sometimes they give so much more than we use.. more trash. Food fast runs America.. no wonder we are called the throw away society.. haha and even some restaurants and grocery stores ( the ones with deli’s and food) create waste as well. a lot of them use foam..
    We have to find a middle point with these business, an agreement. something so that their waste, their pollution finds a way to be recycled or reduced! reused, vague dream but ive seen whole foods food section have a ceramic plate for in dining.. really impressed. An entrepreneur or the govt must rise and find a way to economically or lawfully influence these businesses to reduce its waste output…

    o.. and i totally agree with a healthy fast food restaurant. i mean subway tries to perceive us that they are but they are totally not that or a sustainable business.

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