Posted by: harrisandyou | May 17, 2013

Plastic Bags

I went up to the Central Coast of California on Monday.  They have adopted “no plastic bags” at the grocery stores.  I noticed people bringing in their own bags and one store had “share a bag”.  With “share a bag” you can use a bag and return it for someone else to use.  However I also saw some small boutiques and gift stores still using plastic bags.  So I’m confused as to why the grocery stores have adapted it but the smaller stores have not.

Where I live they are still using plastic bags at the grocery stores and the drug stores.  They had tried to pass the “ban the plastic bag” law in my area at the last elections and it did not pass.  People need to be educated that the bags are harmful to the environment.  You find more of them in gutters and in the landscape.  You use more of those bags because you cannot fit as much into them.

I take my reusable bags into the grocery and drug store.  I can fit more in my bags then in the plastic bags and I can load them in my car faster than the people that have 30 of the plastic bags.  Try reusable bags once and you will continue using them.  Leave some in your car and you will always have them ready for your next trip to the grocery store.


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