Posted by: harrisandyou | April 16, 2013

Schools and Students

I had dinner with some dear friends this weekend.  One of my friends is a teacher for high school students.  She mentioned to me that there is a lot of trash on the ground, that many of the students do not care if their trash goes into the trash can or not.  I was upset and frustrated  that this type of attitude prevails in our school system.  I asked why do they not care?  Were they not taught by their parents to pick up after themselves, to put things away where they belong and to take pride in where they live, work or go to school?

“Apparently not,” she said and “I think it starts at home.”  I guess she is right because my son has always thrown his trash and his recyclables in the correct receptacles.  Shouldn’t schools and teachers start teaching children this in elementary school?

There is a university near to where I live that is a Zero Waste campus.  There are trash cans and recycling cans all over the campus.  They also have them in the cafe and they compost. It is a model college and during orientation they instruct the new students about the Zero Waste policy.

Changing our habits to reduce our carbon footprint has to start somewhere what better place then in school.  The next generation will be living with whatever pollution is in the air outside, inside and in the water, that we leave behind.  Recycling and zero waste education is critical to residences, businesses, industries, students, and children.  Schools and City Halls are perfect places to lead by example.  More recycling cans and trash cans should be placed at every public street corner, parks, malls, shopping centers, bus stops, train depots, airports, amusement parks, and parking lots.  The placement of the receptacles could help reduce the trash we see in the streets, in parks, and in waterways as well as educating the young and old alike on where their discards belong.


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