Posted by: harrisandyou | April 9, 2013

Coca Cola

On my afternoon walk I saw a Coca Cola truck,  you know the big semis that make deliveries to restaurants.  On the side of the truck it said “Hybrid” and zero emissions when idling.  I was delightfully surprised!  If Coca Cola can have hybrid trucks then so should moving companies, other beverage companies, and delivery trucks.  I also have seen some delivery trucks that are natural gas vehicles. We are slowly moving in the right direction.

In my area I have noticed more hybrids and plug in automobiles: the Nissan Leaf, Tesla, the Fisker, and of course every model of the Toyota Prius.  It’s great to see more people purchasing cars that will help make the air quality improve, although I know not all of the car owners are purchasing the cars because they are concerned about the air quality, they are concerned about the price of gas.  The price of gas here in California is over $4.00 and due to that fact more people are trading in their SUVs for hybrids.  Of course not everyone, there are still those that will hold tight to their gas guzzling vehicles.

One day probably not in my life time the auto and trucks will all be hybrids or plug ins and the air will be clean. It would be even better if they made mass transit more convenient, more areas that they went to and more stations and the mass transit – buses and trains were electric no emissions no smog!  Would you use mass transit if it was more convenient?


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