Posted by: harrisandyou | April 2, 2013


English: Moving Company employees load a movin...

English: Moving Company employees load a moving trailer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will be relocating from Southern California to the Central Coast at the end of June.  I have lived in my apartment for over 10 years.  Every closet and cupboard has items in it.  My son and I started at the beginning of this year getting rid of things we do not need.  We sold some things at a swap meet, gave some to Goodwill and I have a few other items I am going to try to sell on Craigslist.

I started collecting moving boxes from anywhere I see a good clean box.  This is one way to reuse and repurpose the box.  I also have purchased a couple of plastic boxes and containers.  These containers I will be able to use for storage either in the house or in the garage.  My son will graduate from high school in June.  He will move with me until August then he will be heading off to college.  Most of his belongings will be stored in the garage and that is why I wanted to have some strong storage boxes.

I read about a company that has plastic boxes and crates that you can rent.  The price was so much per day.  This seems too expensive since you have to have time to pack and unpack.  The good part was it did not make an impact on the environment.  They deliver the boxes to you and they pick them up.  I do not remember what the price was for that or how far you could take those boxes.  Using the plastic boxes and crates would be a good service for people and the planet if they could work on making it more affordable for people.  After all moving can be expensive; you have the moving company, starting new utility services, and if you purchase the house the costs associated with it or if you rent you have first and last to pay.  All this adds up so using cardboard boxes becomes more affordable.

It seems that healthy organic products cost more than the bad products.  It should be reversed which would encourage people to buy healthy products.



  1. The plastic box rentals are less expensive than buying new cardboard boxes. Getting used cardboard is cheaper, but you have to worry about things like bedbugs. The plastic boxes are also stronger than cardboard so you can put your wine glasses on the bottom box and your books on the top box and it’s fine. the uniform size also makes moving faster (no more box tetris) so you move is cheaper b/c movers get paid by the hour.

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