Posted by: harrisandyou | March 30, 2013

It’s Up to You

English: Slurry Pond "Erupting" Meth...

English: Slurry Pond “Erupting” Methane gas bubbling to the surface, a threat to the ozone layer, and Slurry isn’t a geographical category, and this “pond” is on the O S Explorer Map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It takes a little effort on all of our parts to make a big difference.  I have been writing this blog to try to provide resources and information on how to reduce, reuse and recycle in hopes that it may spark someone to make a change in their life, a change that will make the planet a little better.  Use cloth instead of paper towels, use old t-shirts as rags, give to Goodwill, freecycle, swap books and old jewelery with a friend or neighbor, save run off water from your shower or sink to water your plants.

You can be creative when implementing the 3r’s in order to save our natural resources.  You can make a game out of it for the whole family.  See who can come up with the best idea and the winner earns a reward.  Make it fun, make it a learning experience.  It’s up to you, me and everyone else to make a conscious decision to eliminate waste going to the landfills that produces methane gas polluting the air that we breathe and using up land that we need.

Take the first step to be green it will make you feel good!


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