Posted by: harrisandyou | March 13, 2013

Walking in my mother’s shoes

Lancelet shoes01

I took a walk today and when I was putting my walking/tennis shoes on I noticed a hole in the toe of the right shoe.  There is nothing noteworthy about the hole however the shoes were my mother’s.  She passed away 5 years ago and the tennis shoes (if they still call them tennis shoes) were almost new.  I brought them home with me and ever since when I go for a walk I walk in my mother’s shoes.

Now there is a hole and I do not want to get rid of them for the reason that they were my mother’s and I do not want them to go to the landfill.  I think I will look online to see if there is a possibility of repairing them. My father always use to say that in his day nobody threw anything away, they repaired and reused items as much as possible.  It was during the depression and they appreciated the value of the item 10 fold before even considering getting rid of it just because it was worn or broken. This is the way we should be thinking.  They had the right idea back then.  So many of us today are eager to get rid of the old so we can upgrade to the latest version of car, appliance, cell phone, computer, etc.

I have her car too.  It is a Subaru Forester 2002.  I have had to replace the windshield, tires, the key fob, sensors, the battery, etc., too many to mention.  Then again it was my mother’s and after she passed my father drove it.  The mileage was very low for the year of car it is and mechanics tell me it is a good car.  I plan on keeping it for as long as I can afford to.  Maybe I am too sentimental and maybe it is to keep more items from cluttering up the land and the sea and the air.


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