Posted by: harrisandyou | February 28, 2013

Recycling at Goodwill

Yesterday I went to Goodwill Industries to see how they process the items they receive and what they do with the items that do not sell.  It was a wonderful tour that showed what Goodwill really does. I did not know how much they recycle!  It was eye opening.

Besides teaching disadvantage people and people with disabilities new skills at Goodwill stores and distribution centers, Goodwill works with other businesses to employ people with disabilities.  It is a wonderful program that creates self-confidence and happiness in the people that are hired.

The clothes that are not purchased will be sold to textile houses that will reuse or re-purpose the material. In another Goodwill facility, items are broken down and sold.  Items such as CD covers, old VHS tapes, computers, cables, etc.  all can be recycled or sold.  I was impressed with the research that goes into finding the right buyer and the diligence of taking items apart and separating and sorting of parts.  It shows that everything can be recycled with persistence and determination.

Thank you Goodwill Industries for all you do!

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