Posted by: harrisandyou | February 21, 2013

75% Recycling

Today I went to, “California’s New Goal: 75% Recycling” workshop given by CalRecycle.  There were speakers and then break out sessions.  The topics of discussion were “Other 25%”, Beverage Containers, Organics and Infastructure, and EPR.  All topics that affect where California is headed.

Is California doing a good job managing the state’s recycling program?  Should it be more strict on commercial and residential recycling efforts?

As my friends and I were driving back home we discussed how Europe’s recycling plan seems to be more strict then America’s, we discussed what was discussed for each topic and we asked “how long will it take to get to 75% at the rate we are going?”  There are still so many questions. If we take organics out of the landfill, green waste and food waste it would reduce methane emissions, recycle more types of containers, require producers to take back their products at the end of its life cycle, and design products that last longer.  The more we can reduce, reuse, recycle, return, and refuse the better the planet.

The workshop was well attended, many more are needed as are the people.  The need is here and now for cleaner air, waterways, environments that will make all of us healthier and revive our resources.


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