Posted by: harrisandyou | February 14, 2013


Americans drink bottled water because it is “in”, it is good for our bodies and we think it is better than tap water.  Most bottled water comes in plastic bottles.  Plastic bottles are made with chemicals which can break down into the bottled water.  So is that good for you?  Plastic bottles can be recycled however more wind up in landfills than they do in the recycle bins.  Is that good for the environment?

Using your own bottle is better and having a water filtration system at home is even better.  Not everyone can afford to have the water filtration system installed.  So what is the answer? If you google water you find that not all bottled water is FDA approved.  Tap water is regulated and Maximum Contaminants Levels are measured.  Does that make tap water better for you?  The jury is still out and you can find pros and cons for each.

English: Plastic bottles in the back of a pick...

What do you think is better?  Do you buy bottled water?



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  2. out with bottled water!

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