Posted by: harrisandyou | January 25, 2013

In the Ocean

English: Waikiki beach trash cans

I still receive hard copy subscriptions to magazines.  I like to cut articles out or recipes and sometimes I reuse them for collage work or to make a greeting card.  I also donate them to neighbors and I’ve read that you can donate them to hospitals.  I’m working on  the hospital donations…I just pulled an article from one magazine about a wine tote that is made out of old sails.  What a great idea! (If you are interested  Then there was another small article that read Method’s new hand soap bottle is made from plastic pulled from the ocean.  Another great idea and it does a world of good for the planet.

I am in the midst of reading about the plastic in the ocean.  The book is “Plastic Ocean” by Capt. Charles Moore.  The captain noticed plastic debris in the ocean as he was making his way from Hawaii to California via the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre.  He wanted to know how the plastics got into the ocean and why is it there polluting the beautiful sea?  Why is it okay to use the ocean as a garbage dump?

As I read the book I thought about going to the beach in Southern California and as you walk across the sand picking out the perfect spot to sunbathe you come across soda cans, beer bottles, tampons, hair bands, candy wrappers, etc.  There are trash cans on the beach.  Yes they are spread far apart so you may have to walk to them to throw things away or you can put them in your beach bag.  When you get home you could recycle the cans and bottles and throw away the trash.

If everyone thought before throwing their discards and actually took the time to walk to the trash can then everyone could enjoy the beach.  The seas would be a healthier place to swim, the sands nicer to walk on and sunbathe on.  Aw life is good again!


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