Posted by: harrisandyou | January 10, 2013


This week's crossword is completely ridiculous

This week’s crossword is completely ridiculous (Photo credit: B_Zedan)

I was reading a local weekly business magazine.  The editor and owner wrote that the weekly magazines he publishes have been acquired by a large communication group.  He has owned these weeklies for many many years.  So I was a little surprised and thought more about this.  There are so many newspapers, magazines and print media that are no longer offering hard copies but will be available online or they fold up all together.  Technology has taken the place and everyone that has internet access can read online.

I for one do not purchase a newspaper and have not for years however my father always read the morning paper and my mother and he always did the crossword puzzle.  I liked reading the paper when I was at their house and liked watching them do the crossword puzzle.  They were good at it!  On the news last week they mentioned a paper in Louisiana that was cutting down to printing the paper 3 days a week instead of 7.  People said they enjoyed reading the paper as they ate their breakfast, it was their morning ritual.

I relate to this with books.  I like reading a book, a paperback or hardcover.  I do have an ereader and enjoy using it when I travel.  It is light and easy to pack but when I am home there is something about touching the pages and holding the book in my hands that I like.  I like supporting the author and their hard work at producing each and every word.  I cannot walk by a bookstore without going in, especially a small independent. I know many bookstores have closed and one employee at Barnes and Noble told me they were ordering less.

What are your thoughts about hard copy versus digital?


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