Posted by: harrisandyou | December 15, 2012


Hello everyone – it’s a rainy day here in Southern California.  I like the rain – it helps clean the air and water the plants.  For the water conscience they are collecting the rain water to be reused later.  Saving water and saving money – smart!

Unfortunately there is too much pollution from cars and factories, methane gas from landfills, and resources are becoming more limited. However looking at the glass as being half-full,  if the organics are removed from the landfills and moved into compost we can reduce some of the methane gas and nurture the land. Really a win-win solution.  Nature has it’s own closed loop recycling, as trees and plants drop leaves they decompose and become nutrients in the soil.  The soil helps the trees and plants grow.  It all works together until chemicals and pesticides are mixed in and it removes the natural process away.  Let nature take care of itself and nature will take care of us!

The Ocean

The Ocean


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